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Town Crier Spring 2021 – Quiz Answers

A - White Water Centre
B - Meridian monument in Cornmill Meadows
C - On the wooden monk statue in Abbey Gardens
D - the well in the Rose Garden - Abbey Gardens
E - Waltham Abbey Football Club sign
F - The view through Lea Valley Church porchway from Monkswood
G - Woollard Street
H - The moat/ watercress beds next to the orchard looking North - Abbey Gardens
I - Cattle trough between the Church and the Town Hall
J - The ceiling of the Church
K - The Community Centre
L - Meridian Mosaic - Sun Street
M - The roof of the new Sports Centre
N - Lee Valley Park Farm - milk dispenser in car park
O - Gunpowder Mills
P - King Harold Academy sign
Q - Wooden sculpture - Gunpowder Park

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