Waltham Abbey Special Promotion


The Waltham Abbey Special Promotion (WASP) scheme is a joint initiative of Waltham Abbey Town Council and the Town Centre Business Association to promote local business in Waltham Abbey. We will send you regular details of special offers and discounts which can be redeemed in local shops and businesses - all you need to do to gain your discounts is to fill in the card that you can find at the Town Hall and participating shops or fill in the online form on this site. Then all you need do is quote the promotional codes that we then supply to you.

Register online

Fill in this simple form and that's it, you're registered and details of the special promotions will be sent to you via email. Please note that if you've sent in a card then there is no need to register again.

Details of the special promotions are also available in paper format for personal collection from the Town Hall.

Visit the town Hall's website

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