To the residents of Waltham Abbey


The Town Council would like to clarify its position around the proposed development on Parklands.


The site has been earmarked under the Local Plan by Epping Forest District Council for 740 homes.


The area has been identified as a potential residential housing development. The EFDC councillors during the Local plan process requested that this area is a Masterplan exercise in order to identify any requirements BEFORE any proper applications are being produced. They considered this very important because otherwise the residents of Waltham Abbey would have to face numerous planning applications which could have produced a very mis-matched development without taking in consideration the need of green spaces and proper amenities for such a large development. The Local Plan has identified the potential for 740 homes to be on this site and this plan has been in development for 10 years with various consultations with the town during this time. The plan is required by law and is presently with the independent planning inspector for final sign off.


The present consultation that is being managed by Strutt and Parker is on behalf of Manor Oak Homes who are a potential developer of the site, no planning applications have been submitted for this project. There may be consultations and applications from numerous developers as the project evolves and each will have separate consultation periods in which residents will have an opportunity to review and question.


The Town Council met with the developers on Wednesday 28th July to receive their proposals and ask the questions that they felt the people of Waltham Abbey would want answers to. There are several major areas of concern that were all addressed most notably education and access to doctors. Manor Oak Homes confirmed that the Education Authority have advised them that the size of the development is not large enough to warrant a new school and any developer who develops this land will need to pay a levy to expand the existing schools to accommodate the new students, similarly with the NHS, they have confirmed that a levy will need to be paid by any developer of the site to increase the existing facilities. These decisions have been made by the appropriate governing body and not any local authority.


Other major areas of concern that were highlighted included traffic management, flood management, environmental considerations and traveller pitches.


Strutt and Parker are available for any member of the public to contact them regarding the proposals for this development in the planned online consultations, via email and phone as detailed below.


The Town Council cannot approve or oppose any development and will only be able to formally respond as a statutory consultee once any planning applications have been submitted. The Town Council is working on behalf of its residents and any residents who have concerns can direct these to their ward councillor who can put these to the developers.


Online Consultation – 4th August 7-8.30pm


Phone: 01223 459432


Should any other developer come forward with proposals for the site, the Town Council will equally share these details with its residents, the Town Council is by no means endorsing Manor Oak Homes proposed development of the site.