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Waltham Abbey
Town Council
Town Hall
Highbridge St
Waltham Abbey
Essex EN9 1DE

Phone: 01992 714949
Fax: 01992 763774

Town Council Offices Are Open From:
9AM - 5PM
Monday - Friday


Your Voice in Our Community

Younger people tend to be excluded from having their say in what happens in the community. Many younger people have fantastic ideas about what can be done to improve our town but they aren’t being heard.  Waltham Abbey Youth Council is going to change that. This council consists of eight bright and energetic students from King Harold School eager to share their new ideas about the town.  They are Valerie Luis, Collin England-Terrell, Jack King, Rachel Freeman, Holly England, Sirahbbil Dagli, Angel Bryan and Jake Smith.

One of the main ideas presented by the Youth Council was the creation of a survey to find out which leisure activities the younger people of Waltham Abbey would like to see around the town. This will be put onto both the school and town council website. Hopefully, this will get more people of a younger age to take an interest in the community. The Youth Council will be receiving a budget which they can put towards whatever the young people of Waltham Abbey choose they want to see in the town, on production of a budget statement. Also, the construction of a brand new skate park is going to happen in Town Mead. When the different designs for the skate park are given to the council they are going to find out which one the public prefers and have it built.  The designs will be put up around the school and in other public places so that everyone has their say in which design is chosen.

As well as this, the Youth Council have been discussing how to improved public transport t for all the people of Waltham Abbey, not just the younger citizens. They are considering how to make travelling on the buses easier and cheaper to encourage more people to use them.

The Youth Council are here to give the younger generation of Waltham Abbey their say in what happens in and around the town.

Rachel Freeman, Holly England, Angel Bryan


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